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Supreme Loans Review

Supreme Loans is a registered microfinance business that offers a wide range of loan options to fit any financial situation. This lender has one of the most straightforward application processes and top-notch customer services. Supreme loan finance company offers competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and plans that fit any budget. 

Supreme Loans At a Glance

This lender offers short and long-term loans that range from R500 to R20 000. 


  • Flexible payment terms
  • Super low-interest rates
  • Registered lender
  • Easy application process


  • Amount limited to R20,000
  • Difficult to qualify with low credit

Top Perks

Low Interest Rates

The Supreme cash loan is one of the most affordable credit packages in South Africa. However, it’s important to note that some factors may make your loan a bit more expensive. For instance, your APR may be a bit higher if you have a poor credit score. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy the best loan interest rates from this lender if you have excellent credit.

Considerable Loan Amount

The majority of cash lenders in South Africa offer amounts of up to R6,000. This may not be enough for larger expenses. For instance, if you want to settle a hospital bill, you may need way more than that. Supreme loan finance company offers loans of up to R20,000. 

Flexible Loan Term

Your loan term determines how much you will pay per month. It’s crucial to work with a lender who’ll let you select a term you are comfortable with. Supreme loans offers flexible loan terms that suit your budget. However, you must keep in mind that longer terms mean you pay more in interest. 

No Prepayment Fees

Certain lenders in South Africa charge money to give you a loan. This can put you in a tight spot, especially considering most people take out loans as a last resort. With Supreme Finance, you don’t have to pay any money upfront. 

Fast Approval

With this lender, you can get your money in under a day. They are quite quick when it comes to underwriting loans. This makes their personal loans perfect if you are dealing with an emergency. To make sure there are no delays, you must supply accurate information and have all the required documents with you. 

What Could Supreme Loans Improve?

No Blog Section

Most professional lenders ensure there’s a blog section on their website that explains their loan products and services in detail. The Supreme Loans website lacks a blog, and this makes it difficult to find information on its products and processes. 

No Testimonials

It’s important for a loan website to have a testimonial section that lets customers see the experiences of others. Testimonials will let you know what to expect and whether the lender is a good choice or not. 

How to Qualify for a Supreme Finance Personal Loan

Before you apply, make sure you meet the lender’s requirements:

  • Have a verifiable income
  • Functional cell number
  • Have a working bank account

How to Apply

You can apply for personal loans online. The website has an easy-to-fill-in form with a few sections.

supreme loans

You are required to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Identification number
  • Phone number
  • Net and average monthly income

If you qualify, a loan consultant will get in touch with you. They will then offer you a personalized interest rate and available terms. If you are okay with the conditions, you will have to provide proof of income and submit your bank account details. It’s not clear whether Supreme Finance runs hard credit score checks.

Alternatives to Consider

You must never take out a loan from the first lender you approach. It’s crucial to compare different lenders and see who has the best terms. Unfortunately, the only way to find out the exact terms at times is to submit multiple applications, which may not be so good for your credit score. 

This is why we made it possible for you to apply once and get multiple offers in your email. Visit our application page to get good offers. Here are some other lenders you may want to check out:

Kamela Quick Cash Loans: This lender is ideal if you don’t have a perfect credit score. They give out small short-term loans for bad credit. 

Letsatsi: They have personal loans targeted at borrowers with low credit scores. You can get as little as R500 depending on your needs. 

A Supreme Cash Loan is Right for You If

There’s no single loan that is perfect for every borrower. As such, loans from Supreme Loans will work better for some individuals than others. If the following describes your situation, then this lender is worth considering:

  • You are gainfully employed. Supreme loans favor borrowers with permanent job positions.
  • You need help with your budget. This lender is big on budgeting. They even have an entire e-book designed to help you figure out your expenses. 
  • You need more than R10,000. Supreme offers loans of up to R20,000 to suit borrowers who need to cover larger expenses.
  • You need a longer repayment term. If you need flexible terms, this is the lender to visit. You can negotiate the amount of time you need to pay back your balance.

Supreme Loans tries to provide the best service to its customers. Check out their budget calculator if you are struggling to balance your finances.

No matter how tight your situation is, you must take the time to select the best loan product for your needs. There are many things to consider, but you should never take out money from a lender without weighing the pros and cons. 

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