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Best Loan Sharks Cape Town

Are you struggling to pay bills, or you have an emergency cash need, but your savings aren’t enough? Approaching loan sharks Cape Town lenders can provide the relief you need. Here are some mashonisa to approach in the Mother City.

Money Man Loans, Belleville, Capetown

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Money Man is one of the most prominent loan sharks in Belleville. You can pretty much get any amount you need as long as you can prove you’ll be able to pay the money back. However, the lender clearly states on their Twitter page that there will be some serious consequences if you are not able to pay the money back.

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Mashonisa Loans Online

If you are looking for a loan shark, chances are you need a no-paperwork type of credit package. It’s highly likely that Mashonisa will fit your criteria. This lender offers instant approval, no paperwork, and “safe” debts. They also claim to be highly transparent and provide favorable interest rates. According to the website, this business is registered with the National Credit Regulator.

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Des Sky Loans

Desk Sky offers instant cash credit packages at affordable interest rates. They can give you a loan with rates as low as 3%. Each of their packages is structured to suit the individual needs of their clients, with amounts of up to R500,000. What if you are blacklisted, under debt review, or have poor credit? Not to worry, you can still get money from this lender. To make life easier, you can even begin the process on WhatsApp.

Contact details:

  • Phone numbers: +27(84)-409-3735, +27(81)-421-6665, 031-813-5400
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Email:

Brookstone Cash Loan

Brookstone offers loans to under-debt review and blacklisted individuals. Their packages come with favorable interest rates as low as 5%. The lender has an online application process but no listed physical office. 

Contact details:

  • WhatsApp: +27635691130
  • Facebook:

DriveAway SA

Sometimes, using your assets to get cash may be the only way to get the amount you need. This is especially true if your credit score is bad or you are blacklisted. DriveAway SA enables you to sell your vehicle for the money you need; then, you buy it back when you have the money. The best thing about this is you get to keep driving the car.

Contact details:

  • Phone number: +27 87 234 9600
  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Physical address: Unit Five, St. Michaels Park, Michaels Rd, and Howe St, Observatory, Cape Town
  • Facebook:

Don’t Fall Prey

In most instances, loan sharks Cape Town are a sure way to get your hands on the cash you need. However, they are definitely not the best. After all, they are called loan sharks for a reason. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful once you enter these waters. 

Mashonisa lenders don’t care much about who borrows money from them. They don’t check your credit record, and you don’t have to go through a lengthy vetting process. This may be tempting, but you must remember everything that seems too good to be true often is. Loan sharks offer extremely high interest rates. 

The Dangers of Working With Loan Sharks

One of the biggest disadvantages of these lenders is that they will quickly resort to unorthodox and violent means of getting their money back if you fail to pay. 

Severe ramifications if you don’t pay me back. Source: Money Many Twitter

Some quickly employ intimidation, blackmail, and violence. If you are stressed now that you don’t have money, imagine the stress you will have when someone has hired goons to track you down. 

Another downside of working with loan sharks is that they tend to be unreliable and untrustworthy. You will agree on one thing, but there’s nothing stopping them from changing goalposts tomorrow. 

How to Stay Safe

Here are a few tips to stay safe when dealing with loan sharks.

Check Reviews Online

Online reviews can be eye-opening. Just a simple social media search can get you the information you need to decide whether working with a particular lender is a good idea. Check what people comment on their posts. If there’s a good number of people complaining, that’s a good sign to stay away. 

Read the Terms and Conditions

It’s crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions so you don’t miss anything. That way, you’ll avoid costly surprises. It’s better to get in knowing exactly what you are walking into. You should know the interest rates, extra fees, repayment terms, and generally, how much they expect you to pay back.

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