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A Complete Guide to Loans for Blacklisted at Capitec

Are you looking for information on loans for blacklisted at Capitec? You have come to the right place. There’s a lot of confusion regarding issues like blacklisting, bad credit, and bad credit loans. Understanding these financial terms and how they affect your access to financial services is crucial.

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Basics of Being Blacklisted in South Africa

One of the most important things to understand about blacklisting in South Africa is that it’s an obsolete term. This means it doesn’t exist in law. However, most people and organizations just use it to refer to individuals who have a bad credit history.

Source: Business TechTransunion

This means that there’s no list with the names of individuals who shouldn’t get access to financial services. In most instances, people think they are blacklisted because they keep being turned down for loans and other forms of credit.

If you think you are on some blacklist, chances are very high that you just have a terrible credit record. In simpler terms, you don’t pay bills on time and have a track record of non-payment of outstanding debt. This applies to any type of credit, be it credit cards, bank loans, electricity bills, internet bills, etc. 

If you fail to meet payment deadlines, your creditors and lenders may submit your profile to credit bureaus. When you then try to apply for a loan or get access to financial services, providers will check your profile with bureaus to see your payment patterns. If there’s something sketchy or worrying, they may turn you down. 

Does Capitec Offer Credit for Blacklisted Clients?

Having clearly concluded that there is no list of poor-credit individuals somewhere out there, there’s no straight yes or no answer to whether Capitec offers loans to blacklisted individuals.

But why would a bank deny anyone a loan, to begin with? Well, banks and other registered lenders operate according to the rules, guidelines, and regulations put in place by the national credit regulator (NCR).

It’s not always when taking out a loan is a good decision. However, some individuals will still do it regardless of their current financial situation. It’s, therefore, the duty of the lender to decide who is fit for credit and who isn’t. This is known as responsible lending, according to the National Credit Act.

When a bank is deciding whether lending money to you is a good move, they first check how you have been handling debt in the past. If you have a history of not meeting payment deadlines, chances are they will turn down your application. 

In their 2022 Annual report, Capitec indicated that they pride themselves in being a responsible lender.

But what if you had poor money management skills in the past but worked on improving your behavior over time? After all, even in countries where blacklisting is legal, no one is blacklisted forever.

There’s a chance that you can get a loan from Capitec if you have been denied credit in the past because of a poor credit score or bad credit history. If you don’t think you stand a chance, here’s a list of lenders to consider.

Types of Loans for Blacklisted at Capitec

Suppose you have worked hard to improve your money habits; it’s possible that you can get approved for loans for blacklisted at Capitec. So, what type of credit packages may you receive? 

Capitec Consolidation Loans for Blacklisted

This is a good financial resource to use if you are struggling with debt. A Capitec consolidation loan would be ideal if you have many debts and are struggling to meet deadlines. Trying to keep track of different payment dates and interest rates can be confusing.

Many loans running simultaneously may also leave you with no more to live on. Capitec can offer you a simple way to condense your debt into a single monthly payment. This way, you have one payment to remember and a single interest rate to use for calculations. 

To gain access to Capitec consolidation loans for blacklisted, you can check their website for an online credit estimate. You can also send your ID number via text to 30605; if you are close to a branch, you can go there physically.

Capitec Home Loans for Blacklisted

A bad credit history doesn’t mean your life has to stop. You still need to pursue your dreams. However, in some instances, you may need to get a handle on your finances first. If you feel like you are now on top of things, you can return to chasing your dreams. A very common dream for most South Africans is to own a home. Did you know that Capitec offers home loans?

As we mentioned before, you are not listed as a bad debtor somewhere. Therefore, nothing is stopping you from approaching a Capitec branch to see whether they can offer you some money to build or buy your dream home. After all, credit applications depend on so many things apart from credit scores. If you bank with Capitec and earn enough to pay installments, you can get access to money to make your dream home come true.

For more options and knowledge on how to get a home loan with poor credit, check out this guide.

Capitec Car Finance for Blacklisted

Tired of using public transport? It can be hectic chasing taxis and trains sometimes, especially during bad weather conditions. This may lead you to consider whether it’s possible to get Capitec car finance for blacklisted.

The best way to find out is to approach Capitec. If you have worked hard to improve your credit score, you may be considered for vehicle finance.

Capitec works with WeBuyCars and The Car Place to bring you the best car deals in South Africa. If you are lucky, your loan may be approved, and you can be a proud and happy vehicle owner very soon.

Capitec Credit Card for Blacklisted

The first question here is whether it’s a good idea to take out a credit card when you have been struggling with debt. While Capitec offers credit cards with limits of up to R500,000, you may want to limit your spending until you get your financial house in order.

One danger you need to be aware of is credit card debt. If you manage to get the Capitec card, use it wisely. Avoid unnecessary expenses and use it when you absolutely have to.

Requirements for Loans for Bad Credit at Capitec

  • You need to be over the age of 18 with an original identity document
  • Have a stable income and proof in the form of pay stubs or bank statements
  • Be able to afford the loan, i.e., have a good debt-to-income ratio

Capitec Online Loan Application Process

Here’s what you have to do to apply for a Capitec loan:

  • Use the online app, call 0860 66 77 89, or visit a branch.
  • Select the amount you need
  • Decide on your monthly installments
  • You can choose the credit amount that you want

Please note that your interest rate depends on the duration of the loan. If you choose smaller installments, you may end up paying higher interest rates.

Alternatives to Capitec Loans for Blacklisted

Submitting loan applications when your credit score is poor can negatively impact your profile. Did you know that each hard inquiry on your profile affects your credit record? In fact, they may stay on your profile for up to two years. Fortunately, they only affect your score for a year, which is not a short time.

So if you want to avoid getting turned down for loans for blacklisted at Capitec, you should consider other alternatives. The best way would be to approach lenders who don’t care much about credit scores. This includes no-credit-check-loans, payday lenders, and pawn shops.

Here are some options to consider: 

No Credit Check Loans

In financial markets, a no-credit check loan is a type of loan where the lender decides whether to approve your application without checking your creditworthiness. To decide whether you are fit to receive the money, such lending companies look at your debt-to-income-credit ratio and income level, among other things.

This type of credit package is also known as a payday loan. It’s perfect for emergencies, medical bills, and other cash needs. In most instances, you receive the money within 24 hours of applying.

Featured lenders: 

Secured Loans

One of the reasons why traditional lenders and banks decline applications from blacklisted individuals is the risk of lending. Individuals with a poor history of paying back the money they owe are likely to be problematic debtors. As such, banks don’t consider them good customers.

To lower the risk, other lenders ask for collateral. This means you can still get access to credit even if you have a bad history of payment. If you start being sketchy, the lender will have something to recover their money with. Secured loans use different types of collateral, including gadgets, homes, cars, and even jewelry. 

Here are some lenders to approach for secured finance:

Cash Crusaders – gadgets, jewelry, appliances, computers, cars

First Advance – cars

Assetline Capital – property

Lamna – Diamond rings

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